[opencms-dev] Another multi-language question

Ludwig ludwig.hunecke at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 30 23:04:35 CET 2010

Dear list,

I have got a question regarding multi language sites. I googled but didn't find an appropriate solution :-(

Situation: Site has been developed in english. Now a german translation should be done.
Approach I:

1. Copy /en/ folder to /de/ (via siblings)
2. Change locale property in /de/ to "de,en"

Result: The page comes up, appearance (style) like in english, but the boxes left/right are missing. Content in the middle column is shown correctly.

Approach II:

Step 1. & 2. like in Approach I
Step 3. Change "style.config" from "/en/_config_/config" to "/de/_config_/config". (Repeat this also for options etc.)

Result: Looks like in approach I, but now also the style is completely lost and everything looks like if there had be no style adjustments.

Possible reason: Even though I have specified "de,en" as locale property for the /de/ folder, I think OpenCms doesn't  use "en" as locale for the style.config. It tries to read the german language variant, doesn't find anything there (what's correct) and so it shows nothing.

Do you have got an idea?

Thanks a lot!!

PS: OpenCms 7.5.0, Java 6, Linux 32bit

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