[opencms-dev] Can different installations of OpenCms connect to the same db schema?

Shency Revindran Shency.Revindran at monitisegroup.com
Fri Jan 29 12:19:25 CET 2010

Hi Edwin / Achim / Jordi,

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable thoughts and experience in this regard. That is lot of stuff for me to think about

Achim, I am getting your point in saying that I need to make sure /sites/contentset_X is only served from the very same server. Currently we have separate db schema for separate opncms instances which is increasing day by day. So we are thinking of options to reduce the number of opencms db schema instances.

One final question, suppose if I decide to go with the option1 in my initial mail (i.e., single opencms instance with multiple sites - sites/contentset_X, sites/contentset_Y.. connecting to the same db schema, controlled user privilege to restrict users to see only their corresponding site content) --> Will this solution work fine with out any issues? Is there any issues that I should expect with this solution as well?


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Hi Edwin,

thx for the answer.

> In addition, my own solution has the following limitation on hand:
> 1. Only Master OpenCms workplace enabled. If Slave OpenCms workplace also
> enable, it will crush the MySQL one-way replication.

That is true also if you use OCEE Cluster. You cannot write to master and slave. I once set up a backup master tomcat connected to the same
db as the original master but was turned off. In case the original master would crash this was an option to allow editing on the slave.
Once I saw a client who had enabled the workplace on the cluster slave (where both servers were connected to the same db) and then
complained about "CmsResourceAlreadyExistsExceptions". What had happened was: The logged in at A and created and published a.html. Then they
logged in at B and tried to create a.html. They did not see it as the resource view is cached. But it was in the db with the same name but a
different UUID.

--> Also it's better for editors just to have one single URL the are able to log in to to avoid confusion.

> 2. Static Export won't work.

This works with OCEE.

> 3. Flexcache out of sync between Master and Slave machine within polling
> period.

I understand.

kind regards,


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