[opencms-dev] firewall closes connections to DB

Achim Westermann achim.westermann at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 00:00:49 CET 2010

Hi Jordi,

you could give it a try by using eviction in the commons dbpc 
configuration. Look at your opencms.properties under 

There are the following settings:


# connections will be validated by evictor thread

# number of milliseconds to sleep between runs of the evictor thread
# -1 means no idle connection evictor thread will be run

# number of connections tested in a run of the evictor thread

# minimum amount of time in milliseconds a connection may be idle in the 
pool before it is eligable for eviction

# the query to validate connections
#db.pool.default.testQuery=SELECT STRUCTURE_ID FROM 

# number of attempts to connect to the database during startup (default 
= 10)

# sleep time between two attempts to connect to the database during 
startup in ms (default = 5000)

by default.

Comment in the db.pool.default.testQuery. That should be used for 
validating if a connection is still alive.

In theory the evictor thread will throw away the broken pipe connection 
from the pool. You could decrease the time between eviction runs.



Jordi Martí wrote:
> Hi all,
> if anyone could help with this, i would be very very very thankful.
> We have a stable opencms 6.0.3 version (sigh) running on production for 
> around two-three years. It has been used for internal purposes 
> (intranet); but now, we want to use it as an extranet; but we installed 
> it in a DMZ and now, connections are being closed by the firewall, 
> causing after long periods of inactivity, a white screen during about 15 
> minutes until the system closes or throws the old connection away.
> I've searched it in nabble and found these two links that advise me to 
> do a wget in a cron. That's a dirty *but useful* solution that I will 
> implement.
> http://old.nabble.com/MySQL,-OpenCms-and-a-3Com-Superstack-firewall-to883637.html#a883637 
> http://old.nabble.com/OpenCms-Freezing-to2173684.html#a2175298
> (BTW, system managers keep on telling me that it is not possible to 
> deactivate this "feature" in the firewall)
> *My question is:*
> Is there ANY feature / bugfix after opencms 6.0.3 that would REALLY fix 
> my problem and I could use it as an argument to migrate to opencms 7.5?
> I cannot do any test on production and i have not been able to reproduce 
> the problem at localhost, so I cannot figure it out by myself.
> Thanks everybody.
> Jordi Martí - jmarti xATx theinit _DOT_ com
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