[opencms-dev] Moving OpenCMS & Update --> need help

Jessica Maas yukarichan87 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 26 12:46:01 CET 2010


I was told to move a current OpenCMS version to another server and then
update it.
This is what I did:

I copied the whole "webapps"-folder of Tomcat and moved it into the
Tomcat-Folder of the new server. Then I copied the old opencms-database and
moved it to the new server, too. I downloaded the upgrade wizard to 7.5.1
and followed the steps in the readme. It seems to update the database but
after the next step the update fails and shows me the following error,
appearing at: http://localhost:8080/opencms/update/step_3_xmlupdate.jsp

HTTP Status 500
OpenCms is not properly initialized!
Please make sure that the OpenCms setup wizard has been run once and is
disabled now.

If I follow the message (disable the wizard) and reload the page, I get
another error:

And it stays even if I enable the wizard again.

I tried it a second time, but it didn't work either and because the
database-update takes very long at each try this is very annoying.
What could I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance,
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