[opencms-dev] OpenCms not scaling images

Achim Westermann achim.westermann at questico.de
Mon Jan 25 18:37:30 CET 2010

Hi Stefano,

please add the following line to ../WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties:


, restart your appserver and try scaling again. Then you could try to post the exception here.

The possible underlying exceptions are hidden up to that level.



Stefano81 wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> I have checked and the image is RGB. 
> Consider also that this problem happens even with the images already inside
> the OpenCms documentation.....there seems to be a problem in the engine, but
> the logs are clean. Any suggestions?
> Thank you,
> Stefano
> Matt Levy wrote:
>> Hi Stefano,
>> Have you checked that the image is RGB and not CMYK? We have had similar
>> issues with jpegs that are print ready.
>> Regards
>> Matt
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>> Subject: [opencms-dev] OpenCms not scaling images
>> Hello, 
>> I have troubles with the OpenCms native image scaling mechanism.
>> Test 1) At first, I have tried to use the <cms:img> tag (experimenting
>> with different values of width, height and scaletype), but the result is
>> an image resized by the browser. That is, in the resulting html I have an  
>> tag with attributes width and height set to the expected values, but an
>> src attribute pointing to a perfect copy of the original image (i.e. an
>> image with the same width and height of the source image).
>> Test 2) Then, I have visited the "Test for the 'cms:img' tag" page inside
>> the OpenCms documentation of my OpenCms installation; what I get is a page
>> containing the same test image repeated in each box (i.e. it is not
>> resized as in, for example,
>> http://www.bng-queremosmais.org/opencms/opencms/alkacon-documentation/documentation_taglib/test_tag_img.jsp
>> <https://ssl.fta.co.uk/,host=cafadd79e518d8d36b76a9058d95cec5778776ef6ae105a065697227faacb423f0a0438aa115e868,port=80,proto=http/opencms/opencms/alkacon-documentation/documentation_taglib/test_tag_img.jsp> 
>> )
>> Test 3) I have tried to point my browser directly to an image URL passing
>> the right querystring (e.g.
>> http://www.mysite.com/home_it/media/img/image.jpg?__scale=w:320,h:240,t:2
>> <https://ssl.fta.co.uk/,host=6ee06858be4358ed7ba3f9ef11ae2b09eef3178d00939303c9569d4d01b32220,port=80,proto=http/home_it/media/img/anp/area-marina-protetta/cinque-terre/cinque-terre.jpg?__scale=w:320,h:240,t:2> 
>> ) but nothing happens: the result is -again- an image with the same width
>> and height of the source image.
>> These tests have been done on an installation of OpenCms 7.5.1 with Tomcat
>> 6 + Apache with mod_jk on Windows and Linux. I have tried to upgrade to
>> OpenCms 7.5.2 but nothing changes.
>> I have checked that image.scaling.enabled is set to true in
>> opencms-vfs.xml. 
>> I really can't figure out what's wrong...do you have any idea?
>> Thank you,
>> Stefano
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