[opencms-dev] On demand static export not working properly on Websphere 6.1

Jordi Pedrerol jordi.pedrerol at adequa.net
Mon Jan 25 01:11:41 CET 2010



On demand static export does not work as expected on Websphere 6.1. The
first time you request a resource that must be exported statically (for
example a text file) the resource is exported to the real file system under
the /export folder but the content of the resource is not returned to the
browser (the normal behavior should be to export the resource to the real
file system and return the content to the browser at the same time). This
abnormal behaviour occurs on OpenCMS versions 6.2.3 and 7.5.2, so I supose
it also occurs in all versions in between.


Any kind of help for solving this issue would be appreciated.



Thanks in advance.


Jordi Pedrerol

Adequa Software 
C/ Còrsega 267, Principal 2a B 
telf: 93.528.56.00 


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