[opencms-dev] Change Locale to en_GB for the workplace explorer

Brabenetz, Harald harald.brabenetz at bearingpointconsulting.com
Wed Jan 20 08:54:51 CET 2010

Have you changed the default locale in opencms-workplace.xml?:

      <resource uri="/system/workplace/"/>
      <resource uri="/system/login/"/>

You can also change your personal default Local in the User-Preferences in OpenCms (first Tab).

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I was wondering if it was possible to change the locale of the workspace
explorer from "en" to "en_GB". This then ensures the dates appear as
"dd/mm/yyyy". Changing the locale in opencms-system.xml didn't do anything:

  <localehandler class="org.opencms.i18n.CmsDefaultLocaleHandler"/>

Looking in the opencms.log shows that the workspace is still use "en":
19 Jan 2010 21:10:02,527  INFO [.workplace.CmsWorkplaceManager:1323] .
Workplace init       : Default locale is "en"

While the i18n defualt is now "en_GB":
19 Jan 2010 21:10:02,231  INFO [.opencms.i18n.CmsLocaleManager: 385] . i18n
configuration   : default locale 1 is en_GB

So far I seem to have been able to hard code the "en_GB" by changing the
"setLocale" method in the CmsMessages class to this:
protected void setLocale(Locale locale) {
    //m_locale = locale;
    m_locale = Locale.UK;

Does anyone how I can get the same effect without having to edit the source


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