[opencms-dev] Delete files in a subtree of the online project possible through SQL?

Michael Emmerich m.emmerich at alkacon.com
Fri Jan 15 09:23:51 CET 2010


I can NOT recomment to do so.
If you delete something from the online tables, the corresponding 
entries in the offline tables do have an incorrect state.
So this is a very good way to corrupt your database.

If you want to delete something online, you should use the api - so 
delete the resources offline and publish them.

> Hi Guys,
> I have a question regarding updating the OpenCms database through usage of
> SQL-Commands.
> I have the following file structure:
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/ij
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/ij/test1.jpg
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/ij/test1.xml
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/kl/
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/kl/test2.jpg
>   /sites/abc/def/geh/kl/test2.xml
> Is it possible to remove all Resources of a certain tree e.g.
> /sites/abc/def/geh/*
> in the online project using SQL-Commands?
> Thanks
> Eska

Kind Regards,

Michael Emmerich

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