[opencms-dev] Publishing large numbers of resources often fails

Roman Uhlig Maxity.de roman.uhlig at maxity.de
Wed Jan 13 14:46:05 CET 2010

We just had it again, so I thought I post it here. Maybe there's some
solution to it:

When publishing large numbers of resources (2000+), the publishing often
fails on our servers (we are running OpenCms 7.5.1). The symptoms are as
follows: If we click Ok after the link check, where the background
publishing should start, the request is running for about 1 minute and
then returns to the workplace. But there is no publishing task running
in the queue, nor the resources are published. Unfortunately they are
all locked for publishing, so we have to unlock them via the admin

This happens very often when publishing large amounts of resources. In
our case, it's XMLContent (News) all located in the same folder.

Thanks in advance,

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