[opencms-dev] Workflow engine - jBpm - intention of future implementation

Roman Krejci roman.krejci at qbizm.cz
Mon Jan 11 17:52:53 CET 2010

Hi all,

I have a question regarding workflow.


There is an intention to implement, inside OpenCms core, 3rd party workflow
engine (jBpm probably - v8 in core).



There is already some really small workflow (not actually workflow but some
kind of so to say) which is notification.



I realized when i use a generic Workflow Module for integration, a states
(workflow state) are represented as a Project in which the document is a
part of.

Meaning, when i need to change the state of the document i have to copy
document into other project for which is defined some state. (project i.e.
"Online" or "Offline")

(Note: The project is used for assigning the rights for some users to limit
user's access. Or is there any other meaningful use?)


So my question is:

In future implementation remains this behaviour of the workflow module

What is the intention (the goal) of Workflow integration while it's using
the Project for its states?  (Meaning change the state of the document or
also have some workflow systém imide cms).

Is there any sophisticated reason to use a Project as a state or it is just
the simplest way how to integrate 3rd party workflow???

(Since i don't see any point why to use a project as a workflow state).


Because it is not so much user-friendly (for our users) to create, for
instance 6 projects, and change or import document to the project for that
user who is intended to use it.

We have implemented extension of notification module, where we add some note
and some states of the document before publishing.

It uses "Responsible" flag on user's rights to send email to those user's
(like in notification module after publish the doc).

Of course this is very limited to do just this for now. Please, get it as an
example since i don't get why it uses a project as a workflow state (meaning
workflow module).



Thanks in advance,



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