[opencms-dev] multisite: wrong effects on correct settings 2

jacek grzebyta (RRes-Roth) jacek.grzebyta at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 11 16:10:13 CET 2010

Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot. I tried today whole day. And now I have really nothing.


shows me OpenCms welcome page.

http://main.domain/ shows me another stuff.

So Apache's doing what should do it looks the problem is at OpenCms because:

http://main_1.domain:8080/ shows me opencms welcome with the navy-blue background;
http://main.domain:8080 shows normal opencms welcome

my 'sites' is now:

      <site server="http://babvs14.rothamsted.bbsrc.ac.uk:8080" uri="/sites/default/"/>
      <site server="http://babvs14_1.rothamsted.bbsrc.ac.uk:8080" uri="/sites/phibase/"/>

But I don't know whether it is important using http:// & port in site tab. Different manuals have difference. I tested that not using pre and postfixes just do that for both addresses I have the same normal welcome. 
For sure both sites exist in opencms system cos log shows:

11 Jan 2010 14:45:09,322  INFO [pencms.site.CmsSiteManagerImpl: 197] . Site root added      : server: http://main.domain:8080 uri: /sites/default title: /sites/default/
11 Jan 2010 14:45:09,323  INFO [pencms.site.CmsSiteManagerImpl: 197] . Site root added      : server: http://main_1.domain:8080 uri: /sites/phibase title: /sites/phibase/

And tomcat:
    <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               redirectPort="8443" />

So I used 8080 only. I will use mod_proxy cos I am too lazy to install mod_jk and config now. :)
I'll do in the future. 

With best wishes,

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