[opencms-dev] Adding checksums to OpenCms 8

Shi Yusen shiys at langhua.cn
Wed Sep 30 04:24:41 CEST 2009


在 2009-09-29二的 13:39 -0400,Sebastian Himberger写道:
> Hi List,
> I recently had a customer who stored about 10000 JPEGs inside OpenCms
> (with MySQL). Due to hard disk degradation in a RAID1-Array some of the
> data became invalid (slowly over time of course) resulting in corrupt
> images. Although backups were in place (with checksums to verify
> everything) the slow degradation made it extremely difficult to find the
> corrupt images. The only way was to read backups from various stages and
> compare checksums and last modification dates. I've read a lot about
> data integrity and since OpenCms stores all the binary data in the DB I
> think it might be worth it to add additional features to the database
> structure.
> I would suggest adding at least a field FILE_CONTENT_HASH to the
> CMS_CONTENTS table which is filled in during file writes and updates.
> The field could be NULLable indicating that no checksum is available.
> This would also allow to disable generating the checksum in favor of
> write performance. Maybe we could implement a hook in the driver
> structure to perform validations on read (using a Java interface).
> Additional checks could be performed using a scheduled task or custom
> modules. Eventually it would be nice to have the checksum available in
> the CmsFile objects but I don't think this an requirement for a first
> step. I don't know if this should also applied to properties. More
> security is of course always good but I really would want to keep the
> changes to a minimum at first.
> Whats your take on it?
> Best regards,
> Sebastian
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