[opencms-dev] Problem with captcha in OpenCMS 7.0.4 emailfom with standard template

Holger Kunicke holger.kunicke at av-studio.de
Fri Sep 25 10:59:12 CEST 2009

Hello List,

I want configure an captcha in an emailform. But there I can't select an 
preset (the select field is empty), although there exists in 
Okay, I'm try to test the form without an preset (deactivation of select 
1. the first generation of the emailform is right
2. also, the recognition of an false typed string is right
3. but I'get an error, if the typed string is true: "Invalid ID, could 
not validate unexisting or already validated captcha":

com.octo.captcha.service.CaptchaServiceException: Invalid ID, could not 
validate unexisting or already validated captcha

My questions:
Is the empty select field in email form configuration an notice of the 
core issue of the problem?
Is this problem typical with the version 7.0.4 of OpenCMS an does I need 
an update, or can I repair this ?
Does I really need a preset for the captcha?

Thx for every helpful answer!

Kind Regards

Holger Kunicke

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