[opencms-dev] About custom message for delete field in xmlcontent

Deiverson Silveira deiverson at solutioncms.com
Wed Sep 23 22:56:33 CEST 2009

Hi List,

My doubt is this, I have the following scenario:

I need that when I delete a field that I added in xmlcontent, (example, my
configuration is minOccurs = "1" maxOccurs = "3"), will see a message asking
whether to delete it or not, anyone know if it is possible make a setting in
xsd to display this message of exclusion? the message will appear in the
form of xmlcontent same, similar to the regex, but alert javascript, i dont
know, or I'll have to add this event in a class?

Someone already did this, it is possible?

Kind Regards,

Deiverson Silveira
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