[opencms-dev] Problem: when publishing the file first gets delated then recreated

Andrea Puddu docpuddu at tiscali.it
Mon Sep 21 12:59:07 CEST 2009

Hi Lorenzo,
first of all you should check what kind of ExportHandler is in use in 
your OpenCms installation. (see 

According to the behaviour you've described I guess it is


If you use OpenCms with |CmsOnDemandStaticExportHandler| it recreates 
the deleted page on the fly when a new http request from a browser 
occurs. (so no 404 errors...)

So in the "AfterPublishStaticExport" scenario when you publish a 
subsequent export on the file system takes place. The problem of the 404 
is when you have several resources to be published and OpenCms as first 
action deletes them and then recreated (during the export phase) the new 
ones. In this range of time, until recreation you have 404s.

A possible resolution is to introduce an additional stage of export, 
let's call it 'live' so that it will be in sync with export.
According to this the webserver, serves pages from 'live' folder which 
is in sync with the export folder where OpenCms writes during the export 

The technique to keep synced the export and live folder is crucial.



Andrea Puddu
docpuddu at tiscali dot it

Lorenzo Sala ha scritto:
> Hello everyone.
> I have this problem. I have all my pages published online. When I make a
> change to a page offline and then publish it, the CMS actually deletes the
> page from the server and then recreates it. Is there a way to configure the
> CMS so that a file always remains online so the people don't get 404
> messages when I make un update?
> Thanx!
> Lo'

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