[opencms-dev] published JSP-Template under wrong permissions = Result: Server Error 500

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Tue Aug 25 20:51:39 CEST 2009


after 2 years working without problems, i published my JSP Main-Template
(Side-Template) again and got a Server Error 500 (for Web-User) and an
internal Error (for CMS-User):
'Unable to initialize TldLocationsCache: XML parsing error on file 

(Seems that i published it under wrong permissions)

So, no HTML-Page didn't work after this. Therefore i changed the 
Template Properties
of each of my 200+X HTML-Pages back to an old JSP-Template, wich i 
didn't published
within the last two years - and everything was fine again - but - my 
JSP-Search, where i
associate this JSP-Template via the Properties Table, didn't work with 
this dirty workaround.

As far as i remeber i could change the 'Owner' File-Propertie of  a 
JSP-File (into the System Folder)
to make them public (accessible for Web-Users), but now, under OpenCMS 
Version 6.5.x,
i miss this easy menu into the properties-pulldown. There is only 
'permissions' - but all members
have the permission to 'read' the File (see attached Image/Screenshot).

Can someon tell me what's wrong with these permissions or what should i 
do to make
a JSP-File/Template 'public' wich is located into a System-Folder like this:



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