[opencms-dev] Resolve DTD from local system or own servers

Paul-Inge Flakstad flakstad at npolar.no
Mon Aug 24 17:40:13 CEST 2009

Hi everyone!

I was puzzled today, when I suddenly experienced the HTTP 503 from W3C for the first time. I was referencing W3C's DTDs (like I always do) in an XHTML file I used as a source for a custom widget. Needless to say, the widget crashes since it isn't able to parse the XHTML file when getting the 503 from W3C.

To solve the issue, I attempted to set up my stuff so I could get the DTDs locally, without having to request W3C. (After reading about the number of request they get for these files, I definitively see why they are sending out 503s..!) However, my attempt was unsuccessful. I am quite a noob at these things, to be honest, and nothing I found on the web was detailed enough to get me up and running like I had in mind.

So my question is: can anyone give a hold-my-hand detailed step-by-step instruction for setting up this? I'm sure some of you must have done this at some time.

In a wider perspective, I think it's important that we - as developers - take into account the huge and unneccessary stress that's being put on W3C's servers, and make an effort to avoid it whenever we can. Reading their story was quite a surprise to me, since I actually wasn't aware that their DTDs were being requested every time - I imagined there was some kind of local caching going on.

For myself, in my case, it's actually also quite urgent that I get this done, since the widget mentioned earlier is the key-feature for an entire site to work - and the site is currently in it's last stages (editors are putting in content) before going into production in mid-September.

Crossing my fingers..! :)

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