[opencms-dev] Prevent clearing FlexCache while publishing

Milan Kadrle milan.kadrle at qbizm.cz
Fri Aug 21 15:52:46 CEST 2009

Hello all,

from log analysis we found out that we have a problem that could arise 
from very frequent publishing which clears whole FlexCache.
We would like to prevent OpenCms from clearing FlexCache automatically 
so often and instead of that prepare a scheduled job, which would clear 
the FlexCache.

My question is how to achieve this. Is the only way to prevent clearing 
the cache on every publish event to modify cmsEvent() method in the 
CmsFlexCache class?

Initiation of FlexCache clearing in a job could be done by
CmsEvent(I_CmsEventListener.EVENT_CLEAR_CACHES, Collections.EMPTY_MAP));

Project is built on OpenCms 6.2.3, three OpenCms instances in a cluster.

Thanks in advance

Milan Kadrle
Qbizm technologies, a.s.  ... the art of information.
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