[opencms-dev] Frontend login and direct edit

Claus Priisholm cpr at codedroids.com
Mon Aug 10 11:05:19 CEST 2009

It rings a bell... I had a similar problem with version 6. I did use the 
mod_jk rewrite setup, but I seem to recall that problem persisted when 
testing directly on tomcat (same port, but a different entry different 
from "default" in the sites-folder). I.e. both sites and the workplace 
editor used the same "base" url.

As I recall it there were some parts during direct edit that would try 
to look up stuff from /sites/default even though it everything was 
stored in the other site. I never found the actual problem though as it 
turned out the two sites were better of running as separate OpenCms 
instances (so each had their own /sites/default).

So no solution, but if you have Firefox I would suggest to install 
HttpFox and look at what is being requested - it sounds like one or more 
requests ends up on the wrong path. Also try the setup without the fancy 
front-end setup (as mentioned I recall that I still had the problem, but 
it was in version 6 so it could be that whatever caused the problem then 
has been fixed in 7, and it may be something entirely different bugging 
your setup)

Ludwig wrote:
> Hi all,
> has anybody got experiences with a frontend- login and directedit  
> functionality in the non-default site? (OpenCms 7.5)
> My situation:
> I have got a site /sites/xyz and use a login form, based on the  
> login.jsp of the templatetwo demo content. Site xyz is reachable over  
> the domain http://localhost:8081. The domain of the default site and  
> the workplace is http://localhost:8080.
> Problem:
> The login works perfectly fine but editing content through directedit  
> doesn't work. If I try to do so the editor.jsp just redirects me back  
> to where I come from without showing the editor- form.
> I assume that this behaivour is in connection with the fact that I'm  
> even after login "under" the localhost:8081 URL. But if I try to  
> manually switch to localhost:8080 (URL of the workplace) I run into  
> other problems while trying to use directedit (then the site switches  
> from xyz to default).
> Has anybody faced similiar problems and solved them?
> Thanks a lot & regards,
> Ludwig
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