[opencms-dev] Lost editing capability

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Mon Aug 3 22:24:54 CEST 2009

Jan Boon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have lost the editing capability for the content of my installation. I 
> have a backup system on which I can do still the editing and is more or 
> less a mirror of my primary system. It seems that switching from the 
> source editing mode to the WYSIWYG mode fails on my primary system. I 
> can still edit the controlcode however, so the content is there, but is 
> not showing up in the editing page. I fresh install of OpenCMS did not 
> gave me back my WYSIWYG editing capability so I have to seek for the 
> problem elsewhere. Any pointers are appreciated.
Look out if there are any javascript errors that prevent your editor 
from working.
If for some reasons, some of the javascript files of the editor were 
deleted from the export space in the file system (usually in the 
resources/ subfolder in your opencms web-application folder) then the 
editor might not work anymore.

Also, you might be in the online project rather than in an offline 
project for some reason and online content cannot be edited directly.

How exactly did you  "lose your editing capability"? 
- do you use direct edit or do you use the opencms workplace?
- Is the "edit" function still available in the context menus of the 
opencms workplace?
- If you still have the editor function in the context menus - what 
happens if you try to use it (does an editor come up, how does it look, 
what does it do, are there any script error warnings in your browser's 
status bar?)

That's my only idea
Kind regards

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