[opencms-dev] Open editing setup inside intranet, wiki-alike

Yves Glodt yg at mind.lu
Sat Aug 1 02:07:13 CEST 2009


For one of our customers, someone suggested me to set up a wiki as 
internal documentation site, think knowledgebase...

We have OpenCms already up and running for the public website of this 

Although I have nothing against Wikis, and like e.g. Mediawiki, and have 
already used it as a knowledgebase somewhere else, I would prefer to use 
OpenCms for this task here as well.

Do you think it is possible? And does it make sense?

I was thinking to set up another site inside OpenCms, which would only 
be accessible from the internal network.

Anyone should be able to edit existing pages and add new pages without 
using the admin interface...

Pages should also be categorized probably. Maybe the DocCenter-module 
could also be useful.

The search function would also be very important, but OpenCms handles 
that very well already.

Does anyone have experience using OpenCms in such a way?

Best regards,

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