[opencms-dev] Antwort: Re: server is not reacting after a time of inactivity

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Tue Jul 21 17:15:11 CEST 2009

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Hello Christian,
> so it happened again this morning, when I was the first guy to call a 
> page on our intranet-server.
> I just get the blueish "500-Server-Error"-page, no details displayed. 
> It says I shall try again in a few minutes.
> I checked the opencms and tomcat log-files, but there are no entries 
> from this morning where the incident occured.
> When I wait some 20 seconds or so and press F5 - it starts normally.
> The eviction in opencms.properties is activated with the following 
> entries:
> # connections will be validated by evictor thread
> db.pool.default.testWhileIdle=true
> # number of milliseconds to sleep between runs of the evictor thread
> # -1 means no idle connection evictor thread will be run
> db.pool.default.timeBetweenEvictionRuns=3600000
> # number of connections tested in a run of the evictor thread
> db.pool.default.numTestsPerEvictionRun=3
> # minimum amount of time in milliseconds a connection may be idle in 
> the pool before it is eligable for eviction
> db.pool.default.minEvictableIdleTime=1800000
> # the query to validate connections
> #db.pool.default.testQuery=SELECT STRUCTURE_ID FROM CMS_OFFLINE_
> db.pool.default.testQuery=* But what entry do I have to choose for 
> the last "#the query to validate connections ..."? What is meaned by 
> the STRUCTURE_ID, respectively, how can I get that ID?

This is just an SQL query that will succeed on any opencms installation.
Just use this setting as it is:

You also need to activate this setting:

> * I guess the eviction will work after entering that ID and 
> restarting Tomcat, right???
Yes - as soon as tomcat is restarted

> * Do I still have to make a cron job for calling a web-page every 
> hour or so?
If things work properly, then it should not be necessary. But better try this out on a test system and if the test system works properly over a long time then you can deactivate your job.

> Where else, besides the opencms- and tomcat-logs could I find error-
> messages for the error-500 page?
These logs are the right place, especially the opencms logs.

Best Regards 

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