[opencms-dev] publish resourceb.html when resourcea.html is published

a.westermann at alkacon.com a.westermann at alkacon.com
Wed Jul 15 12:21:17 CEST 2009

Hi John,

ideally your recourcea.html is an XML content that has a field 
"SOMELINK" of type OpenCmsVfsFile (or a configured relation in the 
layouts section of the xsd).

In that example an editor would open resourcea.html, click the folder 
symbol, get a popup to select the target resourceb.html. Behind the 
scenes OpenCms would store a relation from resourcea.html to 
resourceb.html. When publishing the option "publish with related 
resources" then would do what you want.

Kind Regards,

Achim Westermann

Alkacon Software GmbH  - The OpenCms Experts
http://www.alkacon.com - http://www.opencms.org

Marc Johnen wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to automatically publish a resourceb.html when resourcea.html was
> published.
> I searched arround in the forum and wiki and think that "assign categorie"
> is good for that, but had no luck in getting it to work. 
> I'd be happy for any hints how to do this.
> Thanks and greetings
> Marc Johnen

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