[opencms-dev] Bloated database. How to delete rows from cms_contents table?

Laurent Gauthier lgauthier at opnworks.com
Fri Jul 10 02:56:34 CEST 2009

We use OpenCMS to store many large PDF files and we have been exporting and
importing content from one database to another. 


Problem is, the database size is growing at an alarming rate and taking up a
whole lot of space.  From what we can see, the "cms_contents" table appears
to be the main culprit.


Is there a way to get rid of old versions of documents  in the cms_contents


We tried using the cmsshell command:


deleteBackups n


But this did not appear to have any effect. Should we go ahead and delete
records directly in the database (sounds scary).


Help of any kind appreciated.



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