[opencms-dev] 7.5 - galleries

Christoph Trassl trassl at medienkonzepte.de
Tue Jul 7 16:44:25 CEST 2009

> The problem is related to the escaping of the "
> from within the editor I see %2522 and with "open gallery" I see %22
> - the last one works fine.

> I try to find the reason for the %2522 here...


The problem is the way we are redirecting the requests to /opencms/
inside Apache.

When using a simple [R], Apache does escape the %22 to extra-url-escaped
%2522. Unescaping %2522 leads to %22. Not sure if this could be handled
inside OpenCMS.

For archiving purposes:

  RewriteRule ^/opencms/(.*) /$1 [R]

  RewriteRule ^/opencms/(.*) /$1 [NE,R]


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