[opencms-dev] Develop Modules with Eclipse remotely

Mathias Lin mail at mathiaslin.com
Mon Jul 6 03:15:18 CEST 2009

You can use the WebDAV support in combination with a third-party tool called WebDrive (www.webdrive.com) to map the WebDAV url to a local drive.
Then you just let your ant task compile and deploy to that drive.

Marc.Schlegel wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> It is very likely that I have to rewrite a website for my company (after 
> I proposed the great OpenCMS ;) ) together with a collegue, and I am 
> looking for a way to write modules in a convinient way. For another 
> private project before I used the OpenCMS Module Developer which I 
> actually like but it has some problems (notably with encoding, and that 
> its only usefull on a local dev-machine).
> I would like to use webdav access but unfortunately the "FTP and WebDav" 
> plugin for Eclipse is discontinued for ages now. There were some 
> proposals to put this feature under the "Target Management" project but 
> until now (Eclipse 3.5) I am not able to connect to the webdav-servlet.
> Some other ideas that came to my mind:
> The synchronisation feature of OC but this seems a little bit cumbersome.
> For testing I mapped a webdav folder to my windows explorer. I might be 
> able to utilize this for Eclipse.
> Thats why I am asking, "how are you developing modules remotely". Even 
> though we have syntax highlighting in the editors, developing modules 
> with a full blown IDE and features like content assist are much nicer.
> Thanks in advance
> Marc

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