[opencms-dev] Firefox 3.5: JIT-Error? -- Workaround for script errors with Firefox 3.5 / Opencms 7.0.5, 7.5

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Thu Jul 2 20:11:55 CEST 2009

Dear All,

I just wanted to let you know:

I have deactivated Firefox's new just-in-time compiler by going to about:config and setting javascript.options.jit.content to false.
After restarting Firefox and going back into opencms, the opencms explorer works again as it should be.

I am afraid though, that I won't have time to narrow the problem down and create a minimal test case for the Firefox guys so that this can be reported as a bug to them. Does anybody have time to narrow this down and eport it, so that Firefox can be fixed?

Best Regards

> > There is even more strangeness with Firefox 3.5. As Achim already mentioned,
> > there may be timing issues with Firefox' increased javascript performance.
> > And indeed, a lot of our Ajax scripts started behaving strangely. More
> > commonly, XMLHttpRequest seems to behave differently now with Firefox 3.5,
> > especially if you work on localhost. There is a big difference in what works
> > and what not depending on what server you are working on (local or remote).
> What you describe sounds like some sort of race condition to me.
> FF3.5 has changed the way how parsing interacts with javascript (called speculative parsing): HTML parsing does not block anymore, while Javascript files are loaded and then later, things like document.write(...) are patched into already parsed DOM tree.
> But the script error that I get is "subnode is undefined":
>   function getNodeIdByName(nodeName) { 
>   ....
>      for (i=0; i<childs.length; i++) {
>          subnode = tree.nodes[childs[i]];
>          var subname = result + subnode.name; 
> Having subnode be undefined there is rather weird.
> Both tree.nods and childs contain proper data. For entries in childs, there seems to be a corresponding entry in tree.nodes. And all entries in tree.nodes have a name property. So I really don't know what is wrong there. It all looks right
> Sadly, the Javascript debugger of Firebug also seems to have a few issues in Firefox 3.5 right now, so some things behave a little strange (the source code location, where the degugger is at, is not shown properly, when stopping at a break point). 
> But the opencms-Javascript seems to be fine and the data also seems to be right, too.
> Weird indeed :(
> Best regards 
> Christian
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