[opencms-dev] Script errors in with Firefox 3.5 / Opencms 7.0.5

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Thu Jul 2 20:02:22 CEST 2009

> There is even more strangeness with Firefox 3.5. As Achim already mentioned,
> there may be timing issues with Firefox' increased javascript performance.
> And indeed, a lot of our Ajax scripts started behaving strangely. More
> commonly, XMLHttpRequest seems to behave differently now with Firefox 3.5,
> especially if you work on localhost. There is a big difference in what works
> and what not depending on what server you are working on (local or remote).

What you describe sounds like some sort of race condition to me.

FF3.5 has changed the way how parsing interacts with javascript (called speculative parsing): HTML parsing does not block anymore, while Javascript files are loaded and then later, things like document.write(...) are patched into already parsed DOM tree.

But the script error that I get is "subnode is undefined":

  function getNodeIdByName(nodeName) { 
     for (i=0; i<childs.length; i++) {
         subnode = tree.nodes[childs[i]];
         var subname = result + subnode.name; 

Having subnode be undefined there is rather weird.
Both tree.nods and childs contain proper data. For entries in childs, there seems to be a corresponding entry in tree.nodes. And all entries in tree.nodes have a name property. So I really don't know what is wrong there. It all looks right

Sadly, the Javascript debugger of Firebug also seems to have a few issues in Firefox 3.5 right now, so some things behave a little strange (the source code location, where the degugger is at, is not shown properly, when stopping at a break point). 

But the opencms-Javascript seems to be fine and the data also seems to be right, too.

Weird indeed :(

Best regards 
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