[opencms-dev] sharing book about about OPENCMS is illegal!!! i dont think so

Joe Desbonnet joe at galway.net
Tue Feb 20 13:14:18 CET 2007

Making a *copy* of a copyrighted work generally is in violation of
copyright law, unless:
a) it's fair use (eg for backup or media shifting)
b) it's allowed by the licence (eg GPL or Creative Commons Licence etc)
c) you have permission from the copyright holder (in writing ideally).

Duplicating an eBook by emailing it to someone would in my opinion
violate the copyright of most ebooks. *However*, if you were to
download it to CD-ROM and that was your only copy, and you were to
give that CD to a friend, I suspect that would be ok. In theory you
could perform the came action using email (ie be destroying your copy
after your friend receives it)... but I'm not sure how that will hold
up on court :-)

(IANAL disclaimer)

On 2/20/07, mohamed hadj taieb <mohamedhajjj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi how r u every body
> I have these two book
> http://www.packtpub.com/view _book/isbn/1904811043
> http://www.codedroids.com/en/opencms/packt-opencms-review.html
> that i studied, and they have really helped me to learn about OPENCMS
> i told u previously that i enjoy giving those book to whom he need
> contact me on
> skype ID : mohamed.hadj.taieb
> i already sent these book to 2 of u
> i want to know if what i do is illegal
> bcz me i consider that doing such a thing is similar to borrowing the book
> to one of my friend
> best regards
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