[opencms-dev] editor configuration

Andrea Bollini bollini at cilea.it
Wed Feb 7 17:39:31 CET 2007

you can set the configuration parameters in the <xsd:annotation> 
section, see the example below
            <resourcebundle name="xxxxxxx" />
            <preview uri="${previewtempfile}" />
                <mapping element="Title" mapto="property:Title" />     
                <layout element="Description" widget="HtmlWidget" 
configuration="height:250px,formatselect,source,link" />
             <validationrules />

Andrea Bollini

Boggs, Michael ha scritto:
> Hello all,
> I have a few questions about the editor used in the ModulesDemo. I'm
> wondering specifically about the way it edits the text area fields.
> (<xsd:element name="Text" type="OpenCmsHtml" />)
> For example (in the news demo), I know it takes the news.xsd document from
> /system/modules/org.opencms.frontend.templateone.modules/schemas/news.xsd
> and uses that do determine what fields to display. 
> My actual question: Is there a way to configure what buttons that the Text
> (type="OpenCmsHtml") field displays? Specifically, I want to add a hyperlink
> button, so users can put links into their news articles (without having to
> have them be at the bottom of the page). 
> I hope this is clear, if not please let me know.
> -Mike
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