[opencms-dev] combining JSP an JavaScript + [edit: and CSS]

Jonathan Woods jonathan.woods at scintillance.com
Sun Feb 4 13:17:01 CET 2007

It's not that unconventional - after all, all it means is there may need to
be some element of the CSS which is dynamic.
However, you may find a problem if you expect a CSS to be loaded on each
request.  Browsers tend to cache linked stylesheet files for longer than
they're meant to, in my experience, so you can't reliably use a CSS for the
purpose you describe.  Instead, you could make the background style part of
the main page itself ("<body style="background: url(....)" ).


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do you think it is very "unconventional" if I mix JSP and CSS?

like different background images on every load of the css?

best regards volkmar

Scott Carlson schrieb: 

The key is that the OpenCms type needs to be JSP. The extension in the

name can still be "js" (i.e. it need not have a "jsp" extension).

I do this all the time. In fact, all my normal jsp pages have an

extension of "html" instead of "jsp". OpenCms is nice in the fact that

it handles the complexity of using the "wrong" extension for jsp pages

behind the scenes.


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 I thought the cms-tags will be inserted with the information before




script is sended to the client

 so why is it working with css but not with javascript?


  I havent tried it myself but ...

  A ".js" file sould be treated as a simple resource, and should not

be interpreted by OpenCms. If you want to have dynamic content inside

you .js file, you should declare it as a JSP file. You can than

include "myJavaScript.jsp" in your template and it should  work.

   Good luck




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