[opencms-dev] Accessing the VFS without using the workplace.

Carl Alex Friis Nielsen cfn at kb.dk
Fri Feb 2 14:03:56 CET 2007

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> A better way is to extend CmsShell, then you can do anything you like
> without having to reproduce lots of arcane and low-level OpenCms code.

Yes you are right this is probably the easiest way to do it.

> Alternatively, is there any reason why your daemon couldn't run under
> OpenCms?

I don't know yet, but in my experience a great many different products
api's often have lots of problems working together - especially in each
others environments, so if you want to take some data from one product,
possibly transform it somehow and then feed it to another product you
are often better of programing it in a separate program doing it all rather
than extending the functionality of either of the two original products.
You lessen the risk of wierd side effects on other parts of the products and
become less dependent on details of the inner workings of the products
(using api's is usually more stable than exploiting how things have been
implemented internally in the products). You might also come up with
some simpler and more easily maintained code this way.



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