[opencms-dev] WebLogic 8.1 - cannot edit properties when creating a new page

Guillaume Lederrey guillaume.lederrey at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 09:55:36 CET 2007

  I have installed OpenCms on BEA WebLogic 8.1, MySQL 4.1, WinXP Pro
SP2. After following the instructions in
http://opencms-wiki.org/App_server_related_topics#WebLogic_8.1 I have
it mostly working. Still ...

  When creating a new page in the workplace with :

  - "New" -> "Page with free text"
  - [Continue]
  - give a Name, check "Edit properties of the new file"
  - [Continue]
  - Blank page !

  On my Tomcat 5.5 installation, it works fine, asks me for
properties, navigation ...

  I checked the logs, changed loglevel to INFO, but nothing there.

  Other problem that might or might not be related : I cant set
advanced properties on a file. When I click [Ok], nothing is saved.
Again, no errors in the logs.

  If anybody has an idea ...


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