[opencms-dev] Importing Data

Jonathan Woods jonathan.woods at scintillance.com
Wed Jan 31 05:27:19 CET 2007

There's a well-prepared tutorial at
http://opencms-wiki.org/Defining_OpenCMS_structured_XML_content (and the
rest of the Wiki is useful too).  This presupposes a particular style of
OpenCms module development, but it should give you the idea.


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I'm porting a website that's about 98% dynamic (all the data is in a
postgresql database) to a portal built around opencms. Since the actual
website contains lots of data, I was wondering if there was a way to create
documents of the data in some format that can then be imported directly into
the repository; that is, create a document for each record to be imported
into the directory. I'd need to create structured documents. Is it possible
to do this? If so, what would be the process that I'd need to follow?

Thanks for any help!


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