[opencms-dev] Re: Re: Re: Re: need help: howimproving opencmsperformance?

andrea cossu andrea.cossu at gruppoatlantis.com
Thu Jan 25 11:31:50 CET 2007

"Joachim Arrasz" <info at arrasz.de> ha scritto nel messaggio 
news:45B79065.6010005 at arrasz.de...
> Hi,
>> Yes i know, but at the moment i can't get an environment as the 
>> productive
>> one even if i report this need to my boss.
> then, sorry, ignore your results ...
>> In productive environment, i think, OS is unix likeand with a larger 
>> amount
>> of ram, but we are experiencing the same low performance.
> uups ... well then your experience is completely uninteresting. You cant
> test performance when you swap later to another OS ..

Sorry, someone told me right now that in productive environment, we have 
Windows Server OS and not unix like as i thought.

>> The only sureness is that the bottle necks are the unmarshal of xml
>> resource(unmarshalHelper method in CmsXmlUtils class, CmsXmlContent 
>> method
>> in CmsXmlContent class), and the gets for resources (readResource method 
>> in
>> various classes) .
> How much XMLContent do you serve? Our tests told us that XmlContent is
> fine with a maximum of around 1000-2000 articles per XMLContentType.

We are using less than 1000 articles per XMLContentType.

Regards  andrea 

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