[opencms-dev] How to add the static export functionality to a group of users

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Fri Jan 19 22:25:37 CET 2007

Leo schrieb:
> Hi people
> In first place I want to thank to Christian Steinder for his help in
> my last post
> Now I have a question and a problem
> The question is the subject of this mail. I need to add the static
> export functionality to a group that is son of the user group in order
> to let the users export the images, documents and other static files
> every time they upload new ones. Is this possible? is there any
> workaround? is possible to do this in an automatic manner? what is the
> best way?
Leo, if you activate static export, then it will *always* kick in
directly after something has been published (provided that the published
resources or their parent folder have been set to export=true)

So, as soon as somebody is allowed to publish a resource, they will also
cause the resource to be exported along with that.
Publishing of resources can be controlled by the file properties.
In addition to that, if a user belongs to a project-manager group, then
that user may export the complete project and not just individual resources

> Now I have a little problem: I have a page with several links, all the
> links work fine but in some moments after i make changes to the page
> (not always) change the links like this: "/opencms/myfile.pdf" to
> "localhost:8080/opencms/myfile.pdf" and that is very bad for me
> because the user need to have a link like
> "www.mydomain.com/export/sites/mySite/myfile.pdf" and with the link
> "localhost:8080..." it is not possible
If the link is changed to localhost:8080 then you have to edit your
opencms-system.xml and set the name of your server correctly there.
After this, the files should use the correct server name

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