[opencms-dev] export folder missing after setup

Jonathan Woods jonathan.woods at scintillance.com
Wed Jan 17 09:43:32 CET 2007

Thomas -
- maybe the folder is created only on demand, and you haven't 'demanded' it
- maybe different file permissions apply in your Weblogic set-up, and the
account under which OpenCms is running can't create the folder

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Subject: [opencms-dev] export folder missing after setup

Dear OpenCMS developers,

I have having this strange problem with setup on weblogic 9.2 server. After
I have successfully run the setup, the export folder is not created on the
file system. So when I login to the workplace, the images and css files are
missing and the workplace cannot function properly. May I know when the
export folder is created after set up. I have tried setting up on tomcat and
glassfish with no problem. It only happens on the weblogic server. If I know
when the export is created after set up, I may be able to debug the source
code to see what is wrong. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks. 


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