[opencms-dev] [opencms] Styles, FCK and OpenCms

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Gianluca -
The XML file which contains FCKEditor-meaningful definitions of styles
should be named <the css file name>_styles.xml (i.e. underscore, not
Other than that, take a look at Andreas Zahner's post or others on this

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Hi List,


I'm Opencms 6.2.0 and I'm trying to personalize styles in xmlcontent. 

So I added formatselect in OpencmsHtml widget configuration, that allows to
see the styles combo, but I don't understand were those styles are defined:
are different from what defined in
/system/workspace/resources/editors/fckeditor/fckstyles.xml, and I don't
understand where the style configuration is defined. I set my own style file
in tha same vfs directory where the css file is, named it
css-name-styles.xml, and I set property template with -styles.xml full path,
but combo still have the same styles list: normal, normal (DIV), formatted


Can someone help me?


Thank in advance,

            Gianluca Cassina

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