[opencms-dev] webuser permission problem

Farnaz Fotrousi f_fotrousi at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 13:31:27 CET 2007

Dear All,
  I have problem with webusers permissions.
  In my site, I have a registration form which guests can register as a webuser. But I have some pages which just special webusers (I have defined in opencms) can be accessed.
  So I did the following steps:
1- I defined "special group" for those special webusers as a child of Guests group.
2- For those pages allowed read and view permission for my "special group" but denied all permission except view for guest user.
  3- define login-form for thses pages
  In this step,  webusers in my "special group" can access to those pages after login.
But my problem happens when webusers register through the site as they are created in Guests group.In this case they can view my special pages.
If I denied permissions for Guests group, my "special group" can not access too.
I should mention that the parent of my "special group" should be Guests as I don't want give the pemission for accessing the opencms workplace.
  How can I solve this problem?
Farnaz Fotrousi

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