[opencms-dev] Is OpenCms suitable for building a homework(assignment) site?

杨朝晖 yezonghui at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 08:10:22 CET 2007

Hi, all

I'm preparing for a web homework/assignment project and I come across  OpenCms. After reading 
the guided tour, features and  advantages pages on opensms.org, I still have some questions.

The web site is supposed to provide (at least) the following functionalities:
1. teacher and student users accounts, and student groups (with regard to courses).
2. a library of questions with (reference) answers.
3. teachers give an assignment to a group of students by selecting a question from the lib.
	an assignment has its visible time, due time, and maybe "reference answer visible time".
4. students navigate finished and unfinished assignments, and answer unfinished ones.
5. teacher views and scores student answers. (optinally selecting part of answers for scoring is desirable)
6. export, delete and import all assignments(and answers) relating to one course in one semester.

The questions I've got:
1. Are all the above requirements easily supported  by OpenCms? If you have time, how?
2. Especailly, is the assignment workflow easily difinable?
3. Time scheduled events and operations are not limited to "tasks"(in guided tour), am I right?
4. I would require layout multiple related contents (question, answer, and score) in one page,
	does that break OpenCms's asummptions about templates?
5. Any suggesting on the way to organize the assignments and answers? one folder for each assignment
	or one folder for each student, or anything else? (considering access control and export/import)

Well, that's many questions. Please refer me to documentations and links if you can.

    Best Regards,  and Happy New Year!

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