[opencms-dev] Several questions regarding capabilities of OpenCMS

Erik Norvelle norvelle at Ag.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 29 15:24:34 CET 2002


I'm new to the openCMS project, and am evaluating its use in a project for
our college.  I have several questions, which weren't answered by my perusal
of the mailing list archives:

1) Does OpenCMS support storage of arbitrary metadata alongside content
objects?  Specifically, since our office uses textual data extensively, can
I store Dublin Core metadata alongside the text objects that I put into
2) Can I store raw XML documents into the OpenCMS?  I am looking to have our
users author using a subset of DocBook.
3) Is there any support for handing off transformation/presentation layer
work to Apache Cocoon.  I have a lot of experience with XSLT & FOP, and want
to keep that as my template/transformation environment.

Thanks very much for your assistance,

Erik Norvelle
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Distributed Learning Laboratory
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The University of Arizona

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