[opencms-dev] Lucene Integration

Simon Knightley simon.knightley at syskinetic.co.uk
Wed Mar 27 18:59:43 CET 2002

For those interested in search engine integration.  I have completed
some code to make Lucene work with OpenCMS.
Lucene is a very capable open source search engine available as part of
the Jakarta project.
I have not yet had time to write any documentation, but for those of you
who are still tempted you can download the source at
http://www.syskinetic.com/customer/links.html the site search on the
page uses the actual code, so you can see what it is capable of.
Any feedback on how it might be improved appreciated.
Simon Knightley
Consulting Director
Syskinetic Consulting Limited
http:// <http://www.syskinetic.com> www.syskinetic.com

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