[opencms-dev] OpenCMS General Use Case?

Jason punkout at arczip.com
Tue Mar 26 20:54:05 CET 2002


Being a first-time user, I haven't been able to find a general use case for 
OpenCMS, and I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light. Basically, I 
manage my company's corporate intranet which is based on a number of open 
source technologies (RedHat/MySQL/Apache/Tomcat) and is JSP/Servlet based. 
Being the sole developer at the moment (blame it on the economy ;) I'm 
looking for a content management solution to ease maintenance.

Given that, and after installing and looking over OpenCMS (installation was 
flawless) - what is the next general step in utilizing OpenCMS to deploy a 
site? Currenly our intranet is broken down by departments - since OpenCMS 
is project-based, would it be best to create a new project for each 
department which has their own content? Or should I create a project for 
the 'intranet' as a whole, and organize department specific information 
with folders? If I already have an intranet structure up and running, what 
would be the best way to port it into OpenCMS? By the looks of it, I need 
to zip various portions of my current site into a file, then import it into 
OpenCMS - is that the only way to do it? I'm thinking it may even be better 
to start from scratch...

Any recommendations? Could anyone provide an idea of how you are using the 
product, and organizing content etc? I'll keep messing with it, but I'm 
still familiarizing myself with the architecture, so I may answer these 
questions in due time ;) Thanks in advance...


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