[opencms-dev] Re: Re: JSP Support in 4.6.0

Jozef Hribik jozef.hribik at apsoft.sk
Tue Mar 26 10:19:21 CET 2002

Hi Rainer,
You are right too ;-)
Lets share our experience.
List of out-of-the-box CMS http://clueful.com.au/cgi-bin/cmsdirectory/browse/Products:Free%20systems
You should start here http://clueful.com.au/cmsdirectory/
Is there any overview of suitable frameworks ???
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  Hi Jozef,

  >3. OpenCMS is currently the best out-of-the-box CMS, mature, expandable and
  user friendly.

  Your are right if you are looking for a out-of-the-box-CMS. Not if you are
  looking for a framework.
  To me the problem with OpenCMS is the architekture which is not realy state
  of the art any more. And we rather need a flexible CMS than a out-of-the-box
  Still, OpenCMS is very mature!


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