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f.guchelaar at vcd.nl f.guchelaar at vcd.nl
Tue Mar 26 10:03:50 CET 2002

I want to build a site with personalized content. Since the manual is quite
brief about this subject, I'd like to hear your thoughts.
The site will have 5 menu/navigation-options. Options 1 and 2 will be
visible to all, 1 through 5 only for registered users. How can I make it so
that only people who have logged in with their credentials see all the
options? And the other users should see option 1 & 2, plus 2 input-fields
for username and password? My first thoughts:
Extend the navigation-template-class. Then in the navigation-template use to
<template> tags, one with all options and one with only 1 & 2 (really have
no idea how to pull this off), plus the input-fields. In the extending class
I could select the appropriate template. If the users tries to log in, I
could use readUser() or loginUser() and store the user-object in the
session-scope (is this the way to go for personalized content?). When using
this approach I believe I should also extend the normal template-class,
which checks for a user-object in the session, and depending on that select
the appropriate template, using the templateselector.
Is this approach workable, or do you suggest another method? Also, should I
use the User object or the WebUser? If WebUser is the case, how do I add
them to the site as a registered user? To which group do I add them?
Frank Guchelaar
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