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Simon Knightley simon.knightley at syskinetic.co.uk
Tue Mar 19 14:50:52 CET 2002

The stylesheets problem is actually unrelated to the dropdown styles in
the WYSIWYG editor.  Looking at the code, the drop down list will never
show the styles from the document, you can only use it to select
hardcoded styles that are understood by the ActiveX control.
To make the WYSIWYG editor show the correct styles from your document is
a strange.  Again looking at the code, this needs rewriting as it
insists that the style definition sits within a template called
"frametemplate"; if you are not using frames this is a bit strange.  Try
<ELEMENTDEF name="frametemplate">
to the bottom of your template then define your styles in
Basically the code for retrieving the stylesheet for the current page is
faulty and needs to be re-written.  Any volunteers?  I would do it
myself if I had the time.
Simon Knightley
Consulting Manager
Syskinetic Consulting Limited
www.syskinetic.com <http://www.syskinetic.com/> 
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Hi all,
Thank you for your answers, but my problem is not due to the German
umlaut. I am trying to puzzle out the integration between stylesheets
and the WYSIWYG editor (I guess using the <stylesheet> tag in the
templates). I thought I could select the correct styles in the select
box, but obviously the style names are hard-coded...
Some previous topics already mentioned that functionality, but I
couldn't find any clear solution in.
Does anyone ever managed to make things work?
Julien Soyer 
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I think there is an error in the OpenCMS code.  Is this the general
consensus? The styles should read "Heading 1", "heading 2" etc. at least
for the UK version of the ActiveX edit control.  The only way I found to
make it work was to recompile the code with the correct style names in.
Perhaps using a German version of the ActiveX control might work aswell.
I think the file is I_CmsWpConstants.class
Simon Knightley
Syskinetic Consulting Ltd
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Subject: [opencms-dev] Stylesheets
Hi all,
Does anyone ever managed to integrate stylesheets with the WYSIWYG
editor? I'm obviously doing something wrong as I get a javascript error
each time I select some "Uberschrift" style...
Julien Soyer
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