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Tue Mar 19 09:03:46 CET 2002

Hi Julien

I got a similar (or the same?) error.

I've installed the openCMS on a SUN Sparc 20. When I am using a German Internet Explorer I don't have the
german 'Umlaute' like äöü displayed properly. Instead There is a questionmark '?' displayed.
When I then choose a 'Überschrift1' in the WYSIWYG editor I got an error: 'Unbekannter Name' 
('Unknown Name' in English).

When I am using a english Internet Explorer I don't have any problems.
I assume now, that you have a french Internet Explorer also with some 'Umlaute' like éà ...

By the way. I've also installed the openCMS on a Laptop with RedHat 7.2 Linux distribution. Here I don't have problems
with the 'Umlaute'.

Regards Marcel

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Hi all,
Does anyone ever managed to integrate stylesheets with the WYSIWYG editor? I'm obviously doing something wrong as I get a javascript error each time I select some "Uberschrift" style...
Julien Soyer

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