[opencms-dev] Error when exporting to zip-file !!!

Massimiliano Alessandri m.alessandri at tiscalinet.it
Mon Mar 18 15:11:41 CET 2002

>Has anyone experience with exporting larger projects to a zip-file?
I had the same problem.  Try exporting subsections of the project to 
different zip files.  Maybe we could try to add memory to the JVM, I tried 
this but did not help much.  I really don't have any other clues.

>Another problem: since zip-export did not work for transferring a project
>from 4.4.6 to 4.6 we tried to do via the synchronization. But this also did
>not work. We can synchronize under the new version, but all html-pages loose
>their status as pages. So they have the textfile-icon in the explorer and in
>the broser only the plain xml-code of the page-file is shown :((
When exporting a project, file properties are stored in a single file named 
This can't be done through synchronization, so you have to set all 
properties by hand.  File types can't be changed too.
Use synchronization only when you want to work on a mirror of the VFS to 
work on the project with your text editor, but never use it only to export 
projects, you'd lose data.

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