AW: [opencms-dev] Error when exporting to zip-file !!!

Michael Emmerich Michael.Emmerich at
Mon Mar 18 14:46:59 CET 2002


to avoid that Java runs out of memory, you must add the following parameter
to the java call in your servlet engine:


This will give Java up to 256MB of memory. If your server has more physical
memory, you can of course use a higher value (-Xmx512M or -Xmx1024M).

Per default, Java 1.3 uses a maximum of 64MB (older versions used even
less), but this can be different in different Java VMs.


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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Error when exporting to zip-file !!!

Hi everybody,

we have a problem with exporting a larger project: The export-routine runs
into a Java out-of-memory error with OpenCms 4.4.6.

The error occurs on different machines and different operating systems and
with different versions of JDK (Sun and IBM). So it seems to be a problem of
OpenCms itself.

Their is no specific exception thrown, just out of memory message at the
console with no stack trace :(

Has anyone experience with exporting larger projects to a zip-file?

Another problem: since zip-export did not work for transferring a project
from 4.4.6 to 4.6 we tried to do via the synchronization. But this also did
not work. We can synchronize under the new version, but all html-pages loose
their status as pages. So they have the textfile-icon in the explorer and in
the broser only the plain xml-code of the page-file is shown :((

Thanks for help!


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Betreff: [opencms-dev] project manager


how can i change the projektmanager of a project when the project
already exists??

please help me - urgent.

is there a way to change the manager in the database directly??

thanks a lot


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