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Andreas Schouten Andreas.Schouten at framfab.de
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there is no "trick" about the projects folder. It is just a folder that was
created in the VFS with the name "projects" and has nothing to do with the
project mechanism in OpenCms. To change a project you have to choose it from
the drop down in the workplace. To create new projects you can do this in
the admin view with the project management icon.


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I have also another query in relation to the new documentation on the site.
In figure 1.7 of the new Manual, there is an entry for /projects, and it
would appear that the 'little yellow folder' icon must be pressed in order
to do this (i.e. it cannot be typed in). However, pressing the folder icon,
only displays a number of folders, none of them are /projects.

Is there some sort of trickery here, or am I missing something obvious.



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